About Us

Welcome to PlotMandi

You are on a new age and user friendly platform for your land purchase and sale opportunities. The portal is developed by immense research, innovation and expertise backed up by years of experience by real estate marketing specialists. Sellers will experience unique features of PlotMandi that come in handy as tools to present your property and the property purchasers will be able get in depth insight about the land proposals on PlotMandi. We are constantly improving and welcome all sorts of suggestions to deliver you with a better platform.


Our vision is to simplify tedious and time taking land transactions to save time and valuable resources. We visualize a day in the future of India wherein the land will be dematerialized to a simple code rather than a bunch of documents to deal with.

By launching PlotMandi we have taken the first step on our mission and we look forward to grow PlotMandi into a full-fledged trading platform wherein land can be bought and sold with click of a mouse. PlotMandi has an ambition to be able to scrutinize and certify lands proposals before they arrive on this platform for their clear title and accurate presentation. Making land sale and purchases simplest possible for people at large before they reach the stage of actual sale deed.